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59 Among the Libertarians I visited the Libertarian Party national convention this past weekend in Denver.  On Sunday night I spoke with Bob Sullentrup, who the next morning was reelected national party secretary.  On Monday I returned in time to catch one of the candidates for national chair, Ernest Hancock, and in the hallways I spoke with several delegates who freely expressed their love of freedom, small government and low taxes. I found it invigorating to be among people who hold their beliefs so passionately.  It was a refreshing break from the never-ending horserace between my candidate, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, with John McCain waiting in the wings. 

The full video of my interview with Bob Sullentrup is available here.
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A terrific group effort by arts organizations attending the Marketing Tune-Up workshop in Great Falls, Montana. Thank you all!
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58 Where There's Smoke There's Podcasts On May 13, 2008 I gave a talk on podcasting at the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod. Just as we were getting started, my host Beth Dunn of the Foundation spotted smoke coming out of an electrical outlet.  Thus began an even more exciting evening than the one we'd planned.  A Delicious list of tags for the talk is here.

Thanks to Beth's quick working of her local network, she found alternate space for my presentation at the Cape Cod Community College.  The MacBook Air was not playing nicely with the college's AV system, so as the audience made its way into the new venue, I quickly transfered my presentation to the trusty MacBook Pro I brought along as a backup.
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57 Waiting for the Democrats Chris Lopez, communications director for the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee, spoke with me two days ago about preparations for the Democratic National Convention August 25-28 in Denver.  He's got a big job, coordinating an expected 15,000 or so journalists who will cover what he calls the Superbowl of Politics.  Our conversation provided an intriguing look inside the massive effort going on here in Denver to get ready for an historic event.
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