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As I have continued to think about how to handle the podcast during our trip to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador in October, I had the idea to see if I might be able to upload episodes from my iPhone 6 Plus during the trip. I won't have my MacBook Air with me, so this would be a streamlined, stripped-down version of the show. But it might be of interest to you, if I can find topics related to the Kindle and eBooks, mixed in with sounds and observations of a more general nature from the trip. 

To record this test audio, I used a very simple iOS app named Opinion, which enabled me to share the file to my Dropbox account. From there, I opened my Libsyn dashboard in Safari on the iPhone, and it seems to be working. 

Please let me know if this arrives in your podcatcher and how it sounds!

Thanks, Len

P.S. For the image test, I'm enclosing a photo of Claire taken here at Ocean Park last week. 

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APC 80 Birth of a Podcast Phillip Zannini, aka @phillymac, an good Internet friend of mine, tells how this morning on the way to Podcamp Boston 4 he received what may well have been a divine inspiration to launch a new podcast.  It sounds very promising to me, and I was glad to be one of his first guests on The Three Quick Tips Podcast. Stay tuned!
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mp3 version of today's Audio Pod Chronicles, "PodCampers Pick Podcasts."
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63 PodCampers Pick Podcasts At PodCamp Boston 3 this past weekend, I asked 12 happy campers to identify their favorite podcasts.  Here is what they came up with:

Sarah Vela - Push My Follow, You Look Nice Today.
Chris Cavallari - Nature Stories, Little Bit of Nonsense.
Robert Blatt - Let's Go Out Tonight, twentyhood
Doug Haslam - For Immediate Release, Inside PR, 10th Wonder
Amrita Chandra - Ricky Gervais
David Fisher - Diggnation, The Totally Rad Show
Bill Wilder - Hanselminutes, What What Don't Tell Me, Grammar Girl
David Beaudoin - Push My Follow, Get It Done Guy
C.C. Chapman - Six Pixels of Separation, Scott Sigler's Nocturnal, Steve Garfield
Steve Garfield - Epic Fu,, C.C. Chapman
Joyce Bettencourt - Managing the Gray, Accident Hash, Running Man Radio, AC Radio

Dan Patterson (Creepy Sleepy podcast) - The Brookhaven Chronicles, On the Media, Slate Political Gabfest, Buzz Out Loud, This Week in TechIn Over Your Head

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A terrific group effort by arts organizations attending the Marketing Tune-Up workshop in Great Falls, Montana. Thank you all!
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58 Where There's Smoke There's Podcasts On May 13, 2008 I gave a talk on podcasting at the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod. Just as we were getting started, my host Beth Dunn of the Foundation spotted smoke coming out of an electrical outlet.  Thus began an even more exciting evening than the one we'd planned.  A Delicious list of tags for the talk is here.

Thanks to Beth's quick working of her local network, she found alternate space for my presentation at the Cape Cod Community College.  The MacBook Air was not playing nicely with the college's AV system, so as the audience made its way into the new venue, I quickly transfered my presentation to the trusty MacBook Pro I brought along as a backup.
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 I'm going to travel light to the islands for a break in my podcasting and other Internet life.  We'll be on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, until April 25th.
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45 Dean Whitbread Interview Veteran Podcaster Dean Whitbread, a founder of the UK Podcasters Association, was in town this weekend for Podcamp Boston 2. We met online mainly through Twitter, and I enjoy following his smart and artful blogs, The Blog of Funk and Dean Whitbread.  The iTunes Music Store contains his audio podcast, the Pod of Funk, and his video podcast, deek deekster: innit, both highly recommended. He also introduced John Cleese to podcasting. All this gives Dean lots of experience in podcasting and blogging, so it was a great opportunity to learn from him.

Also on this episode, I hear from Simon Young of Auckland, New Zealand, who left an audio comment at the Pod Chronicles line, 206-202-0890. Simon and his wife have a new consulting venture, iJump, helping organisations jump into the social media playground. I first heard about him in an interview he did with Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand podcast, and I was very impressed with what he had to say about different kinds of writing styles.

Music is "Going to the Sun" composed and performed by Montana musicians Christine Dickinson, Janet Haarvig and Matthew Lyon. From their Glacier Journey CD.
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41 The Podcast Solution Rob Simon, the founder 30 years ago of Denver's well-known alternative weekly, Westword, has in the past few years turned his creativity and entrepreneurial talent toward podcasting. His company, BurstMarketing, created the impressive Cherry Creek Arts Festival podcast and continues to help business clients find solutions in podcasting.  In this interview on Sept. 4, 2007, at Common Grounds Coffee Shop at Wazee and 17th Streets in Denver, he talked about what makes a successful podcast and about what he's looking for in the podcasting contractors whom he's hiring to help keep up with the opportunities.   Special thanks to Twitter friends Goldiekatsu and Genuine for suggesting questions to ask Rob!
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30 The Art of Interviewing Drawing on examples from Adam Curry, David Allen and Adam Weiss, I arrive at five rules for good podcast interviews.  Tim Donovan of Mowhawk Shade & Blind Co. in Cambridge was here at the house while I worked on the podcast, and he agreed to an interview.  This gave me a chance to practice my new rules!
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3 An Architect for Clyfford Still Last night three architects presented their visions for the new Clyfford Still Museum in Denver.  These three finalists brought very different experience and talents.  Denver's interest in architecture was evident in the approximately 550 people who attended.  In this podcast, I give my impressions of the competitors and offer a guess as to which one will be selected.

UPDATE: Although Still did live in New York City from 1950 until 1961, I erred in calling him a "New York artist," because he was born in North Dakota and studied and taught in Washington state and worked in California before moving to New York. In 1961 he relocated to a farm near Westminster, Maryland, where he remained most of the rest of his life, largely cut off from the rest of the art world. (I gleaned this info from the Wikipedia entry on Still.)
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Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper this afternoon gave a stirring presentation of his vision for the city in the area of arts and culture. The forum was a meeting of the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs, of which I'm a member.  I flew from Boston last night to attend the meeting and am about to head to the airport now to fly back.  All this time and effort was well rewarded by hearing the Mayor's talk.  It inspired me to value my work on the Commission and to be glad I can divide me time between two such great areas, Denver and Boston.  Gotta run...
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1 Heart of Darkness This is the first episode of an all-audio podcast named Audio Pod Chronicles.  Since December, 2005, I have published a combined audio and video podcast, Mile High Pod Chronicles, which will now comprise only videos.  

I am a grandfather, a poet, former journalist and retired natural gas company executive.  I serve on the boards of the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA), and the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs.  My wife and I live in Denver but travel about half the year, mainly to New England, St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and France.

All these experiences and passions flow into my podcasting.  I'd love to hear from you at or here at my new Libsyn blog.  Show notes for the video podcast are here, and my general blog of writing and photographs is here.

This first episode of Audio Pod Chronicles offers my thoughts on finishing Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness as we near the end of a seven-week Fall Foliage RV Ramble to Québec and New England.  We return the rented 32-foot Southwind motorhome to its owner on Monday.

Good listening.
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