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76 Kevin Rafferty on Kevin Rafferty talks about his documentary, "Harvard Beats Yale, 29-29" before a screening of the film at the Denver Film Society's Starz Theatre in Denver on April 14, 2009.  With audience Q&A after the screening.

I was a freshman at Harvard on November 23, 1968, the day of a legendary football game between Harvard and Yale.  Rafferty's loving attention to the details of that game and the characters of the players makes this a most satisfying film and a highly original portrait of the Sixties.

UPDATE: Harvard buffs may also be interested in this interview I did with my Harvard friend Ben Beach when he and I first saw the movie in Cambridge the weekend of the 40th anniversary of the 29-29 tie. Ben is a former sports editor of The Harvard Crimson and has more details on the mystery surrounding who actually wrote the iconic headline that became the title of the movie.
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5 The Alexandre O. Philippe Show Alexandre O. Philippe, a Denver film maker who is a friend of mine, has an 11-minute short in this year's Denver Film Festival. It's titled Left and it portrays, without a single word of dialogue, a deep sense of loss of a loved one.  At tonight's screening, I happened to sit down next to two stars of Alexandre's last feature-length film, Earthlings: Ugly Bags of Mostly Water, and they agreed to a quick interview.  Earthlings is a documentary of an institute devoted to preserving the Klingon language created for Star Trek.  The podcast concludes with excerpts from Alexandre's introductory comments for Left.  After the movie, I recorded an interview with Marilyn Auer, who stars in Left, but my unfamiliarity with my new Edirol R-09 recorder led to the painful discovery that I hadn't actually been recording when we spoke.
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4 The Lives of Others If all the rest of the movies I see at the Denver Film Festival stink, I will still count the festival a success because of "The Lives of Others," a German film released this year about a Stasi agent responsible for spying on a writer and his friends in the mid-1980s in East Germany.  The agent becomes moved by the artists and this poses complications which unfold in a terrific plot, acted to perfection.  The photo is of Gerd Wiesler, the Stasi agent played by (Ulrich Mühe).
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