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APC 81 Obama's Town Hall in Portsmouth, NH Comments from Ray and Mark, two of those who attended President Obama's town hall meeting on health care today, August 11, 2009.  Although they disagreed with the health care reform proposal, they said they thought Obama was honest and did a good job at the session.
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APC 80 Birth of a Podcast Phillip Zannini, aka @phillymac, an good Internet friend of mine, tells how this morning on the way to Podcamp Boston 4 he received what may well have been a divine inspiration to launch a new podcast.  It sounds very promising to me, and I was glad to be one of his first guests on The Three Quick Tips Podcast. Stay tuned!
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APC 79 How to Pay for Health Care Reform This is a presentation on how to pay for health care reform, given July 18, 2009 by Rahul Rajkumar, senior advisor to Doctors for America, at an Organizing for America forum in Dorchester, Mass.
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APC 78 Exercise is Big Medicine My longtime Casper, Wyoming, friend Neil J. Short is almost 62 and does not put in an inordinate amount of time on exercise. But he's passionate about the benefits of daily exercise, as he shows clearly in this conversation we had today in my living room in Denver. 

Neil couldn't possibly have been talking to someone less involved in outdoor exercise, but even I am convinced that there is no denying the truth of what he says so well. 

You can contact him at NeilWyo AT (NO SPAM PLEASE) gmail DOT com.
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APC 77 Mark J. Penn at a Harvard Crimson Lunch Mark J. Penn, Hillary Clinton's chief strategist in the 2008 campaign and the author of Microtrends, spoke on April 25, 2009 at the Sheraton Commander Hotel in Cambridge before a lunch organized by The Harvard Crimson, the university's daily newspaper, of which Penn is an alumnus.

This is a recording of his talk and the wide-ranging Q&A afterward.
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76 Kevin Rafferty on Kevin Rafferty talks about his documentary, "Harvard Beats Yale, 29-29" before a screening of the film at the Denver Film Society's Starz Theatre in Denver on April 14, 2009.  With audience Q&A after the screening.

I was a freshman at Harvard on November 23, 1968, the day of a legendary football game between Harvard and Yale.  Rafferty's loving attention to the details of that game and the characters of the players makes this a most satisfying film and a highly original portrait of the Sixties.

UPDATE: Harvard buffs may also be interested in this interview I did with my Harvard friend Ben Beach when he and I first saw the movie in Cambridge the weekend of the 40th anniversary of the 29-29 tie. Ben is a former sports editor of The Harvard Crimson and has more details on the mystery surrounding who actually wrote the iconic headline that became the title of the movie.
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75 Ron Lyle at Manual High School Ron Lyle of Denver, a retired heavyweight boxer who fought Muhammad Ali in 1975, visited  his alma mater, Manual High School, on February 10, 2009, to talk with students working on the school magazine, Boom

This is the unedited recording of the conversation, featuring Lyle's heartfelt encouragement of the kids to experience the rewards of focus and commitment in any endeavor.
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74 Volunteers of America This is an interview I did today (January 19, 2009) with Jason L. Owens, volunteer manager for Volunteers of America - Colorado.  I was inspired to check out VOA as part of President-Elect Obama's call to service on Martin Luther King Day.  VOA is one of 5,000 organizations where volunteers signed up to help today.   Obama himself did some painting today at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Jason gave me two volunteer applications, for my wife and I to fill out.  We will do so and plan to spend some time learning what volunteer opportunities are nearby our home in Downtown Denver.
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