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mp3 version of today's Audio Pod Chronicles, "PodCampers Pick Podcasts."
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63 PodCampers Pick Podcasts At PodCamp Boston 3 this past weekend, I asked 12 happy campers to identify their favorite podcasts.  Here is what they came up with:

Sarah Vela - Push My Follow, You Look Nice Today.
Chris Cavallari - Nature Stories, Little Bit of Nonsense.
Robert Blatt - Let's Go Out Tonight, twentyhood
Doug Haslam - For Immediate Release, Inside PR, 10th Wonder
Amrita Chandra - Ricky Gervais
David Fisher - Diggnation, The Totally Rad Show
Bill Wilder - Hanselminutes, What What Don't Tell Me, Grammar Girl
David Beaudoin - Push My Follow, Get It Done Guy
C.C. Chapman - Six Pixels of Separation, Scott Sigler's Nocturnal, Steve Garfield
Steve Garfield - Epic Fu,, C.C. Chapman
Joyce Bettencourt - Managing the Gray, Accident Hash, Running Man Radio, AC Radio

Dan Patterson (Creepy Sleepy podcast) - The Brookhaven Chronicles, On the Media, Slate Political Gabfest, Buzz Out Loud, This Week in TechIn Over Your Head

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mp3 version of Episode 62, A dilly of a Denver Police Commander.
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62 A Dilly of a Denver Police Commander Denver Police Commander Debra Dillly heads District 6, the core downtown area.  On July 8, 2008 she addressed a meeting of homeowners from three downtown condominium buildings, including the one I live in. She gave the best overview I've heard so far of what it's really going to be like in my neighborhood August 25-28 when the Democratic National Convention comes to town.  Now I will how to tell Obama's motorcade from President Carter's, how regular police work will be handled, the effect of the convention on Denver's homeless population, and what NOT to do if I get tear-gassed.

Note: The audio calls this episode 61, but in fact it's number 62.  Credit the error to sleep deprivation.
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