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36 The Obama-Romney Connection I think I've uncovered something that connects Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, in an odd sort of way.  I'm an unabashed Obama backer, but I am also intrigued by Romney. This episode contains excerpts of a huge conference call with Obama, as well as Romney on Leno and a famous quote from Romney's father, George.

(Note: Despite what I say in the audio, this is Episode 36)

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35 Harvard 35th Reunion Last week I attended my 35th reunion of the Harvard College Class of 1972. It was a lively, poignant event which featured an address by the school's most successful dropout, a reminder by the Rev. Peter Gomes that we are a community of the living and the dead, an anti-war ditty, real good music by Livingston Taylor, and a classmate's  words of wisdom at the final brunch in Eliot House.
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