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17 Podcasting for President Which presidential aspirants are taking the best advantage of podcasting's potential?  A review of the candidates' offerings on iTunes shows John McCain and Rudy Giuliani as no-shows.  Hillary's well-done video chats don't show up in iTunes, but there is an old podcast in the directory which doesn't do much to help her, and she should take it down ASAP.  At the head of the presidential podcasting class are Tom Vilsack, John Edwards, and Barack Obama.  Mitt Romney has an effective enthusiast's site up, featuring the MittCast, hosted by Justin Hart.  This episode of the Audio Pod Chronicles, recorded in Denver, contains excerpts from the podcasts and thoughts about what works and what doesn't in this powerful new medium.

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16 Tea for Two Steers Each year the Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver hosts the top steer from the National Western Stock Show.  This year's top steer was deemed too skittish to make a solo appearance in the ornate hotel, so his runner-up came along for company.  I interviewed the hotel general manager, Miss Colorado Rodeo, the boy who raised Titan, and my friend Michael Drummy and his sister-in-law, among others.  I love this event for combining Denver's elegance with its cow country history.
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15 Deleted Episode I have deleted the original episode 15, recorded a week ago after my return from Macworld Expo in San Francisco.  What happened is that the person I interviewed ended up feeling very nervous about having his words up on the internet, so he asked me in very strong terms to take it down.  He needn't have pressed so hard, because I had no intention of making him uncomfortable.  I'm sad, because I loved his story and have listened to it several times for my own pleasure.  But I completely honor his desire for privacy, so I immediately deleted the episode when I received an e-mail from him.  I'm putting this episode in its place, so my numbering isn't thrown off, and to explain what happened.
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14 Tale of Two Voices Can Hillary overcome the shrillness of her voice?  Can Obama demonstrate  substance worthy of his own charismatic voice? 

I pondered these questions as I spent much of today listening to a speech which Hillary Clinton delivered last October to the Council on Foreign Relations, comparing it with the latest episode of Barack Obama's weekly podcast.  What I thought would be a simple win for Obama turned out to be a little more complicated.  If all goes as expected, this will be a most interesting contest.
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